Skip Summers
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Support the Nations First Bi-Annual Veteran Games while building Sustainable Veteran Programs!

$1,000 towards $200,000

Donate for the veteran in your heart, we all have one!

A friend of mine Alan Matejak shared his vision with me a while back about the possibility of creating the Veteran Games, a first of its kind event for able bodied veterans.

Since that day I have joined in his vision, set up and registered our non-profit organization, and have come on board as Co-Founder and Director of Special Projects in true belief of how many lives we can touch by supporting our veterans.

I would like to share our exciting progress with you. We have gone from a city wide sporting event, modeled after the World Police and Fire Games, to adding Art Walk, Music Venues, Kid's Arena, and multiple food courts. However, during the next two years working up to the event we are building Sustainable Veteran Programs with Community Enrichment Centers that will help our veterans, their families and our communities year after year.

With all of us joining forces, we can make this dream a reality. I reach out to you for your support in a very progressive project that will be the model we can replicate in cities across America.

Become a sponsor, a donor, or a fundraiser! We need you on our team to move forward!

Do it for the veteran in your heart, we all have one. Your donation will go a long way to helping our veteran community and the city of Detroit!