Alan Matejak
Alan Matejak's Fundraiser

Support the Nations First Bi-Annual Veteran Games while building Sustainable Veteran Programs!

Fostering Relationships, Rewarding Service & Sacrifice.

$50 towards $200,000

I had a dream in 2011 and gradually that dream is becoming a reality: The Veteran Games

The dream of the Veteran Games is to make a positive impact on veterans much like the City of Detroit did more than 70 years ago. During World War II, the city of Detroit became the center of the greatest industrial production miracle in history. The greatest concentration of applied science and technology the world had ever seen. It transformed the city, its people and enabled the United States to win the world's biggest war, and characterize the American spirit.

It is in that American spirit that can make Detroiters live up to the many labels and names it wears, while supporting the women and men who wear the colors of the USA. Those labels, Motor City, Motown, Hockeytown and the Arsenal of Democracy are badges earned because of achievement and success. It is these symbols, our history, that gives us a unique opportunity to use sports, automobiles, music and our rich history of military support to play the games.

My question to you is what label will you choose to wear when join us in making the Veteran Games a reality? Fundraiser, Donor, Volunteer, Mentor, Advocate? Please enlist in our vision today to make this life changing event happen.

With your support of The Veteran Games, we can build Sustainable Veteran Programs such as Community Enrichment Centers including Childcare Programs, Athletic Training Centers, National Sports Leagues, Veteran Mentor-Ship Programs, and Veteran Small Business Incubators.

I thank you in advance for being part of the dream team of our proud nation.

Fist Bump!

Alan Matejak, Founder